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Friday, September 18, 2009


What a web, what a web.

The above named website includes the following "definition" of "Liberal":

"A liberal (also leftist) is someone who rejects logical and biblical standards, often for self-centered reasons. There are no coherent liberal standards; often a liberal is merely someone who craves attention, and who uses many words to say nothing."

If there are creatures on earth with brains sufficient to form sentences of this level of complexity who can, without intending parody, purvey such notions, and if there are creatures on earth with brains enough to decode such sentences and yet take them seriously, as though they were declaring anything supportable by their mere grammatical structure, the species cannot survive. If something so simply, obviously, excruciatingly biased can--without irony--set up shop under the sign of truth or fact, the most fundamental notion of sanity must be dismissed. Lincoln in a clown suit, moments after the battle in which scores of devoted soldiers sacrificed their lives, reciting the Gettysburg Address and expecting--no, and receiving--applause could not be more absurd.


  1. That is veyr interesting

  2. It is one thing to be a sincere conservative and another to be a hateful hypocrite blustering in the name of name of the God of Love.