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Friday, November 23, 2012

The History of the Nude in Art

After each veil comes off there is a
pause. A moment for memory. A
moment for art. Still life skin
flushed against colored silk, the azure,
the orange, the crimson, the gold
diaphanous the aureole’s pink browned
through the green of the final veil the dun
curved flesh alien tinted from the upraised arm
to the hip, the bumps of the spine like thumbs the black
pubic hair the round rump—and then the skin and then the skin
too unwinds to the white bones then the bones curve and bend like
branches or rivers like love and like tears over contours of earth like wind
that runs over outcrops and drop-offs the bones yearning for a shape
that will voice the bodily essence static and eternal whose essence is

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