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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Day of Sad Consolation

Is the universe alive
and does it know what it’s doing?
Are the forces we measure
its brainwaves, its heart beat?

Is expansion a breath?
Are black holes cancer?

And are we a part of it
or do we just look at it?

Can we use our computers to help it to learn what it is?
And why does all poetry require the parts

we say we would like to get rid of
all that death stuff?

 Did the universe wake up one day
and call itself God and only then perceive a nature

bigger than its own that could not be gainsaid
that told it there was no other way

they will have to have the power to kill
and they will have to die

and they will have to love
and lose everything they love

if they are ever to have anything
if they are ever to know anything

 if they are ever to be at all?

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