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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fixing the Door

For many months
if you did not open the screen door just right,
pulling up on the handle to keep the wheel that would no longer turn above the track and holding the tension
until it was all the way open or all the way closed,
the whole thing would crash on the deck.
Every fifth time, it crashed anyway.
You’d curse.

Everyone cursed that fucking door.
Today, you took the door deliberately off its track.
You opened the package with the two metal wheels (which you’d bought months ago),
and, drilling one hole and putting in one screw,
you fixed it.
It was as easy as you knew it would be,
which is why you took so long to do it. All day
the family has been going in and out of that door to sun,
to visit the garden,
to cool themselves in the pool.

The door works perfectly.
No one has noticed.

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