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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump's Follies

I keep hearing the people on the news contorting themselves trying to use Trump’s words to find out what he really believes. They’re trying to do their job. But the task is hopeless. He doesn’t have beliefs. He has interests. What is good for Trump is good; what is bad for Trump is bad. And these things change every day. If a rigged election is good for Trump, the election was rigged. If it’s bad for Trump, it wasn’t rigged. The dangers of this monomania are legion. He’ll be making long term decisions to stoke short term piques. On a hot summer day, he’ll install an air conditioner that can’t be turned off. It’ll run all winter. He’ll install a heater to counteract the air conditioner. And he won’t be able to turn that off either. So next summer he’ll need a bigger air conditioner and next winter a bigger heater.

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